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I was wondering if you knew how I could reproduce what you did.

First of all, did you get the top traded currencies based on volumes ? Felt like it was it but not sure.

Also I was wondering how one would go about getting the top 10 traded currency of the month. Of the last 7 days is information that's given but of the last 4 weeks, I'm not too sure how to get that info.

Last but not least, let's say you buy the first month the top 10 crypto, the next one, do you add X amount you want to invest + sell the ones you bought the last month ? Or do you keep them and buy the next top 10 ?

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Thank you for all the work you put behind this . It’s really appreciated

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You made it on the Graham Stephan YouTube channel https://youtu.be/-Hbu2nKVJR0

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Can you share the same analysis but investing in the top-10 monthly by market cap? Does this change the results drastically? Thanks and amazing analysis!

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I'm a full-on noob with regard to crypto's, but does this strategy imply that every month you sell the top-10 of previous month and buy the top-10 of this month (assuming that there is no overlap). Or that you just keep everything you bought and just invest a small bit every month in the current top-10?

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Also, I can't seem to find a link to be able to become a paid subscriber. Would you be so kind as to share it, please? Thanks again :-)

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I really want to thank you for all the hard work that you must have put into this analysis. I was looking for an improved version of the DCA strategy and this is it!

I was wondering if you included stable coins in the monthly top 10 or if you left them out. Personally, I don't know what the point would be, but I would really value your opinion.

Again, thank you so much for this priceless analysis!

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I'm also a noob when it comes to crypto. I would just like to know if there's a method of knowing whether a coin is a stablecoin, or better, a list that includes all Stablecoins. I am planning to utilize this promising strategy in time for the upcoming new year.


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I loved it, thanks for this content, great! I came here because of the youtube channel Mateus Rapini, he shared this amazing material.

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Hi, I searched and found where we can see the 10 most traded cryptos, this is the link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/volume/monthly/

Good luck for everyone!

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Hi Market Sentiment.

Did your weighted investing based off of trading volume include buying Tether USDT?

Tether (USDT) is a guaranteed 0% return... its utility is being pegged to the USD and not changing in value.

Including this every month would have been a very large portion (between 35 and 70% of each months trading volume) of your monthly investment.

No Sane man would buy Tether expecting any kind of return, if you re-run the numbers you should find that the gap is far less than the 5000% youve claimed....

Why wouldnt you exclude this currency from your calculations?



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This is very well insightful and timely. Have you ever attempted to replicate this strategy with value averaging rather then DCA? I have conducted some research and have found the returns to be rather favorable. However, this is in relation to the stock market and not crypto. Thanks

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Late reader here. Did you build a system to automate the monthly investment process? It would also be interesting to see how this strategy did in 2022.

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Amazing article!

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Hi mate, thanks for sharing awesome knowledge as usual! Did you ever consider to do a similar post with maybe the top 5 or 3. My thinking is (and my own situation) that many readers might have limited money to throw at the markets, like what i see is that there is a standart fee for buying on coinbase for example. So the smaller the amount you allocate to each coin, the bigger % you "lose/pay" to fee's. So if doing the same thing with top 5 would also create create upside, then readers could allocate more per coin for the same total sum, thus paying less in fees.

Have you considered sharing the findings of a similar strategy but the top 7/5/3 ish coins?

Would be nice to have a follow up on this piece as i see alot of attention for this article :)

Keep up the nice work.

Br Casper.

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Jun 3, 2022·edited Jun 3, 2022

Others tend to make weird predictions of coins being either store of value, or boom-and-bust coins. It would be best to find common patterns among multiple Bitcoin-parity Oscillators.

1. Would the idea be either to capture values of "rising" Oscillators, or exit early on Degenerators?

2. Can this strategy be paired with other high-security strategy into a more barbell-like format (see for example the memetic 1:99 portfolio with 99% cash or bonds or gold)

https://woobull.com/the-two-types-of-altcoins-an-investors-view/ https://medium.com/dcresearch/altcoin-hypothesis-oscillators-and-denegerators-ccf42b88a821

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