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Academic research is usually years ahead of the industry in finance. At Market Sentiment, we curate the best ideas from thousands of research sources and distill them into weekly actionable insights for investors.

In 1982, Rolf Banz published a report that showed that small stocks had consistently higher average risk-adjusted returns that the efficient market hypothesis could not explain— A trend that exists to this day (Since 1990, small-cap stocks have outperformed large-cap stocks by 45%). Momentum strategy was identified more than 30 years ago and it has beaten the market consistently with the trend holding in 40 different countries over 12 different asset classes.

Following academic research is the key to staying informed about emerging trends and innovative investment strategies. But, this is easier said than done. There are 64 million academic papers published since 1996 and ~5 million articles that are being added every year. Keeping up with the latest developments in a field is challenging even for seasoned academics.

We at Market Sentiment go through hundreds of reports every week from corporate and academic research to curate the most impactful and interesting developments in the investing space. Based on reader interest (how you vote!), we do a comprehensive deep-dive on one interesting topic every week.

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