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I took a look at the performance of stocks on the lists for 2005-2011 to see how the strategy performed in a decade that saw annualized returns of -0.95% for the S&P 500.

Key results as follows:

Holding Time, Avg Performance, Delta (vs S&P 500)

1 -Year, 13.29%, 9.21%

3-Year, 25.00%, 11.41%

5-Year, 53.89%, 16.46%

Till Date*, 488.62%, 187.28%

*Till date is Jan 10 2022

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Great article! Thanks for putting it together for us.

Question: shouldn't the 1-year delta have been 6% and not 9% for the 1st chart?

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Another great article! Superficially, you make money by saving the planet! ๐Ÿ˜

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Awesome article again! Just curious as to how many of these companies would habe been in the top rankings for sustainability back 10 years ago when you would have theoretically invested. Would be interesting to see what the returns would have been if you invested in the top ranked companies back in 2012.

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