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Hey Market Sentiment. Informative, as always!

Love the way you dissect issues / problems using data. If possible, could I suggest a possible deep dive for a future article? The analysis is similar to the one you did for Jim Cramer and also Motley Fool and perhaps to some extent the analysis you did for actively managed funds vs passive funds but with a slight twist.

The aim of the article / analysis would be to answer the following question: how accurate / reliable are Investment Bank Analysts buy, sell, hold recommendations? Which IB Analysts consistently outperform? If we were to follow these recommendations, would we have made money? I believe you can find historical IB analysts recommendations here: https://www.marketbeat.com/ratings/ but i'm sure other sites also exist

I'll have a go at doing my own analysis as well and will try post my results when i finish the analysis.


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Haha. This was always in my radar. Thanks for bringing it up again.


I had done this analysis a year back - Where I analyzed the performance of 65k analyst picks but in this the name of the analyst who made the call is missing so couldn't benchmark individual analyst performance. The marketbeat data is very thin (its available at max for last 3 months or so). So right now its more of a data issue. Let me see if I can find any other source on this.

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Ah, thanks for the link - didn't realise you'd already done the analysis! This is exactly what I was looking for - the name of the analyst is inconsequential (i think); more important is the institution they work for so the previous analysis you did works perfectly. :)

Looking at your pervious analysis, I guess it really does show the advantage / power of equity research teams...although it does beg the question, given the fact that portfolio managers can afford this research (and may even have such teams in-house), why do they consistently underperform the market? #FoodForThought

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